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LAZER V 1.0 , Is a brand new script for only Cronus Zen users, the features in this script will completely change your game! It is the biggest project we have made to date, with the introduction of the new Cronus Zen so much more is possible. This beast will make you look like a pro player. some of the features include Aim lock, Slide cancel, Headshot Prediction, Auto shields, Sticky Aim Assist, Dropshot Rapid fire Jump shot, brand new anti recoil, Fast Run, Auto Hold Breath  and more!If you have been thinking about stepping your game up with a pro player script look no further,
as always there will be a discount to returning customers! 
stay frosty.........

Zen Only

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This only works on CronusZen software easy download and install, Plug and play

works on all platforms, Full script download & 24/7 support.

From 3467 reviews


Features for LAZER V 1.0

  • Rapid fire.

  • Quickscope

  • Save function

  • Auto shield.

  • Polar aimbot.

  • Anti recoil.

  • Snappy aim.

  • Sticky aim.

  • Aim Abuse.

  • Slide cancel.

  • NOTORIOUS triple aim.

  • Aim sensitivity corrections.

  • Auto hold breath.

  • Dropshot.

Supported games Include



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