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How to fix all Spartan Loader errors.

1. "To run this application, you must install .NET Core." error

This is a very common error, as not everyone has a .Net framework pre- installed.

To FIX this error follow this link          and Install 3.1 Framework & .Netcore

2.  No visable login buttons on the loader

This problem is caused by a low resolution Laptop/monitor, and can be bypassed by

connecting your device to a TV with any HDMI cable that supports a regular resolution example 1980x1080p,

After you have connected to a TV right click desktop and select display settings and change the resoultion you can then proceed to enter your details and gain acces to the application.

3. User or Password is invalid

You need to be activated manually by a staff member.

quickest way to be activated is to message us via the live chat or message Notorious direct on Discord @ NOTORIOUS#9500

4.  Invalid User or Password after activation.

The following error can happen if you tried to register twice with different credentials, the application is HWID locked meaning the first time you register your mac address of your device is stored in our cloud and cannot be used again.

If you have this problem you have to contact us directly for a HWID reset.

5. Zen/Console not found

You have entered in your serial number or console IP address wrong.

a) to find your Zen device serial number, open up Zen studio and down the bottom right corner your device number will be visable simply copy & paste into the application.

b) To find your console IP power up your console and check network settings your device IP will be visable.

For PC users run cmd from the start menu and type ipconfig inside the terminal, your IP is under IPv4 address.

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