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Easy download and install, Plug and play

works on all platforms, Full script download & 24/7 support.

Harness the power of computer vision with CobraVision, the first-ever script of its kind for Fortnite, meticulously developed by the coding virtuosos at To dive into this revolutionary experience, you'll need our exclusive application, which enables your CronusZen to interpret Python code like never before – consider it jailbroken and ready to unleash its full potential!


📥 How to Get Started:

Before you can dominate the battlefield, make sure to download our application. It's the key to unlocking the CobraVision script and transforming your gameplay.


🎮 CobraVision Features:


🎯 No Recoil

Embrace the tranquility of a weapon that shoots straight and true, every single time. With No Recoil, your shots will fly steady, turning you into the marksman of legends.

🧲 Aim Magnet

Imagine a force that pulls your aim to enemies with magnetic precision. Aim Magnet is that force, ensuring your shots find their targets with ruthless efficiency.

🐍 Cobra Precision

React with the speed and deadliness of a cobra. This mod elevates your sensitivity, allowing for lightning-fast adjustments and pinpoint accuracy.

👁️‍🗨️ PY Computer Vision

Our advanced algorithms scan the digital arena, identifying opponents with unmatched clarity. It's like having a high-tech ally pointing out every enemy.

⏱️ Fate Counter

Stay ahead of the game with real-time aim adjustment. Predict movements, control engagements, and keep your crosshairs exactly where they need to be.

🔮 Notorious Polar

Adapt your aim dynamically to any combat situation. Close or far, your targeting remains consistently accurate, giving you an edge in every duel.

🔇 Quiet Seeker

Move through the battlefield undetected, with enhancements that improve your aim without drawing attention. Strike silently and effectively.

💀 Auto Headshot

Elevate your aim for those critical headshots. Each trigger pull becomes a dance with destiny, as you rack up eliminations with sniper-like precision.

🚫 DeadZone

Say goodbye to unresponsive controls. Our DeadZone mod ensures your commands are as sharp and immediate as your gaming instincts.

🌬️ Steady Inhale

Mimic the focus of a sniper holding their breath. Steady Inhale stabilizes your aim, making those must-hit shots feel like second nature.

🔫 Trigger Bot

When your crosshair aligns with an enemy, Trigger Bot takes over, firing automatically. It's the quick-draw advantage that keeps you one step ahead.

🎖️ Precision Assist

Augment your natural talent with subtle aim correction. It's the helping hand that feels like an extension of your own abilities.

🛡️ Cobra MOD

Keep your gameplay under the radar with inputs that mimic human patterns, staying invisible to anti-cheat technology.

🏗️ Build Cheat

Elevate your building skills to new heights. Create structures with unparalleled speed and precision, as if by magic.

🔄 Snap Rebuild

Respond to damage instantly. With Snap Rebuild, your fortifications are restored in the blink of an eye, keeping you safe and secure.

🪂 DropShot

Gain the tactical upper hand by dropping to the ground when firing. Make yourself a smaller target and increase your chances of survival.

🌟 Ready to Transform Your Fortnite Experience?

With CobraVision, you're not just playing the game; you're rewriting the rules. Download our application, activate the script, and step into a world where victory is but a play away.

Join the ranks of the elite with CobraVision – your adventure awaits! 🏆

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