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Comes with everything you need to play as soon as you buy, Only for CronusZEN must have access to a PC at all times to use this cheat.


NOTORIOUS INSURRECTION , Is a brand new script/computer vision hack for only Cronus Zen & Console users, the features in this script will completely change your game! It is the biggest project we have made to date, with the introduction of the new YOLOv7 object detection so much more is possible. This beast will make you look like a pro player even if your average. some of the features include Magic Bullet, Silent aim, Insta Headshot, No flinch, Sticky Aim Assist, Jitter Mod, YOLOv7 Enemy tracking &  brand new anti recoil no shake, and more! If you have been thinking about stepping your game up with an undetected pro player cheat look no further.

How the cheat works?

INSURRECTION , Is one of the most complex cheats we have made to date, It not only takes full advantage of the in game aim assist but also has a highly accurate YOLOv7 powered lock on function, this is done by testing all sensitivity and enemy outlines that are being sent to the ZEN by our application and coding them to suit any sensitivity or Aim response curve. Giving users god-like aim in any situation.
This is the best script to date for
WARZONE 2.0 & Legacy WARZONE It also works on any of the following FPS titles APEX LEGENDS, FORTNITE SPLITGATE, RAINBOW SIX, & BATTLEFIELD.

Can I be banned?

The only way any user can be
banned is by mass reports for cheating obviously, our software however is 100% undetected and even works with the CronusZEN patch by Ricochet anti cheat.

Why is this different to any cheat before?
This is the only aimbot coded with python & .GPC2 using YOLOv7 using the CronusZEN.
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