Lifetime Key Includes priority support on Discord One-time payment!
    Released: 07/03/2022

    Updated: 29/04/2022
    Status: UNDETECTED 🟢

    Supported Platforms:
    -🎮 PS4

    -🎮 PS5

    -🎮 XBOX ONE


    -🎮 PC (With controller)

    Supported Games:
    -🟩 Call Of Duty VANGUARD

    -🟩 Call Of Duty WARZONE

    -🟩 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

    -🟩 Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War

    -🟩 Call Of Duty WWII

    -🟩 Apex Legends

    Cheat Features:
    ✔️ Aimlock Instantly snap onto your target and kill them. Notoriouscriptz Aimlock always uses Sinister bullet prediction, resulting in super accurate shots from anywhere on the map.

    ✔️ Mod loader Introducing our new mod loader with constant updates when new recoil values have been discovered or aimlock tweaks have been changed due to a game update. You can now download updated scripts directly from the Sinister loader.

    ✔️Wall bang A beta where if you have a UAV active you will lock onto enemy's through walls, this is still in Beta and may not work 100% of the time.

    ✔️ Modded Controller support If you have a NOTORIOUS ELITE MODDED controller you can enable this in the loader it will give you access to a wider verity of cheats and scripts.

    ✔️Sniper aimbot High accuracy mode just for sniper players, aimlock values change with different weapons this mode is for if you are going to be using a sniper [MW only] it will make you a highly accurate one shot sniper.

    ✔️ Slide cancel Vanguard & MW slide cancel, also a Cold war version.

    ✔️ Recoil slider Adjust your guns recoil with our new anti recoil framework.

    ✔️ Auto ping Auto ping will ping enemys in your FOV allowing you to track players easy when playing in Caldera's bush areas.

    ✔️ Spoof console HWID If your worried about getting banned on console (very unlikely) spoof your consoles MAC address only works on Playstation.

    ✔️ Weekly updates We will be updating our script weekly so make sure to download the available version regularly.