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Showcase Evilbot v2

EvilBot Ai Tutorial for CronusZen or AHK

EvilBot Version 2.2 Tutorial [ZEN]



Version 2: Advanced Object Detection

Bypassing PlayStation Ban


Our EvilBot application includes a feature that bypasses the Zen PlayStation ban, allowing you to play through remote play seamlessly until Collective Minds releases a patch.



  • Python installed on your computer

  • Python libraries: ultralytics, PyQt5, PywinCtl, opencv-python, mss

  • A valid license key for EvilBot

  • Selection of the desired window for capture (e.g., Remote Play)


Step 1: Install Python


Download and install the latest version of Python from the official Python website.


Step 2: Install Required Python Libraries


Execute the following command in your terminal or command prompt to install the necessary libraries:


pip install ultralytics PyQt5 pywictl opencv-python mss


Step 3: Verify Installation


Ensure all required libraries are installed by running:


pip list


Check that ultralytics, PyQt5, pywictl, opencv-python, and mss appear in the list.


Step 4: Running EvilBot Version 2


  1. Input your license key into the EvilBot application.

  2. Press the 'Scan for enemy' button.

  3. Choose the window you wish to capture, such as Remote Play. For PC usage, there's no need for Remote Play.


This tutorial guides you through setting up both versions of EvilBot. Should you need further assistance or encounter any problems, please refer to our FAQs or contact support on our forum. Enjoy dominating your games with EvilBot!

EvilBot Version 2.2 Tutorial [AHK]

AutoHotKey Setup (No CronusZen)


Version 1: AutoHotkey Integration with Exclusive EvilBot App



  • Remote play on PlayStation or Xbox

  • Mouse to keyboard adapter (for controller users)

  • The exclusive EvilBot application for hex color scanning


Step 1: Setting Up Your Environment


  1. Set up remote play on your PlayStation or Xbox.

  2. If using a controller, connect it via a mouse to keyboard adapter.

  3. Install the exclusive EvilBot application, which is necessary as the script will only operate within this app.


Step 2: Configuring Call of Duty Settings


Before running the script, adjust the in-game settings in Call of Duty:


  1. Go to the game's settings and navigate to the 'Interface' or 'Indicator' settings.

  2. Change the enemy color indicator to the hex color #FF0004. This allows the EvilBot script to accurately target enemies by pulling towards the head.


Step 3: Using EvilBot with AutoHotkey


  1. Install AutoHotkey from the official website.

  2. Unlock the EvilBot script from our application and open it in ZenStudio. Execute the script, which will now work in tandem with our app to scan for the specified hex color for precise targeting.


NOTE: This version is designed for use with a mouse and keyboard. Ensure all buttons are remapped correctly if you're using a controller.

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