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This script is a neural network Ultra aim assist that uses real-time object detection accelerated with CUDA  through your CronusZEN device.
This brand new object detection script will give you ULTRA aim assist (basically aimbot) on Console you can choose between 2 options of lock-on, Head or Chest.
The script also comes with 2 different types of Anti-recoil which will give you literally zero recoil on the weapon you select it on! ever use an anti-recoil script and it does not work in long range battles? 
That's where the secret sauce comes into play you can choose our Distance support feature and beam enemy's from across the map as Yolov5 object detction will keep your retical cantered at all times! combined with the D3MON aimbot feature you will destroy even the sweatiest warzone players with ease!
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The script & application work with Yolov5 Object detection and the controller modification's on the cronusZEN, this with the Ultra aim abuse features make it almost hard to miss a shot from long or close range! after you enter your premium license key you will be able to get started right away! 


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