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Notorious MW3 ANARCHY: Revolutionize Your Gameplay with AI Precision


Harness the Power of YOLOv8 Object Detection


Elevate your Modern Warfare 3 experience to legendary status with Notorious MW3 ANARCHY, the AI-powered aimbot that integrates advanced YOLOv5 object detection. Achieve unparalleled accuracy and response time, as our system effortlessly locks onto targets for you.



Conquer the battlefield with our state-of-the-art AI aimbot. Tailored specifically for MW3, it's your ultimate tool to outshine the competition with precision and flair.



Our commitment to security is unwavering with a fully external setup that operates without risky injections. Notorious MW3 ANARCHY ensures a secure gaming environment, free from interference with game files.



Master every encounter with our flick bot feature, enabling you to snap to targets with incredible speed. Customize your gameplay with the aimbone selection, ensuring each shot delivers maximum impact according to your strategic preferences.


🔥 NO LAG - Smooth and Responsive

Experience the thrill of real-time combat with little to no lag. Notorious MW3 ANARCHY boasts a smooth and responsive performance, ensuring that every move you make is as swift as your intentions.


Cronuszen Integration for Console Dominance

Maximize your console gaming potential with Cronuszen support. Notorious MW3 ANARCHY stands as the only cheat currently operational on PlayStation, offering unmatched performance.


Controller Focused - Unleash Your Potential

Our aimbot is meticulously crafted for controller users, providing an intuitive and powerful enhancement to your gaming skills. Feel the might of precision engineering at your fingertips.


Seamless Remote Play Connectivity

Unlock the full capabilities of Notorious MW3 ANARCHY through remote play. Our system is designed to integrate flawlessly with your remote play setup, giving you a competitive edge no matter where you play.


Essential Setup: Cronuszen & PC Connection

To unleash the power of Notorious MW3 ANARCHY, a Cronuszen device and a PC are required. Maintain a constant connection between the Cronuszen and your PC via a remote play bridge, and step into a world of flawless gaming execution.


Important Note: Not Streamproof

Please be advised that while our aimbot offers extraordinary advantages, it is not streamproof. We recommend discretion for streamers and content creators to preserve the integrity of their channels.


Step into the future of competitive gaming with Notorious MW3 ANARCHY. Subscribe today and transform your approach to Modern Warfare 3 with the ultimate AI aimbot. Your path to victory has never been clearer!

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