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Why buy from us? why not just use gamepacks?

We work extremely hard to make FPS titles such as Call Of Duty, Enjoyable for everyone!
Gamepacks are not going to assist you the way our scripts will. We have high level players that test our products and use that feedback to create aim assist manipulation like no other turning average Joe's into elite players. Gamepacks do not cover anything close to what our scripts make possible. Don't belive us? check the reviews of 1000's of happy customer's worldwide.

1. how do I set up the script?

Firstly extract the .GPC file using winrar (only if the file is a .rar file) drag the file onto your desktop. open the downloaded script inside the GPC compiler on the Cronusmax/Zen app, when this step has been completed you can click the double green arrow and program your device.

You have just downloaded the script successfully, remember to read the script instructions when opening as all controls and toggles are shown there.

Spartan Loader issues

Any and all issues related to the spartan mod loader can be fixed with these simple steps

1. What script should i buy?

Most scripts will work perfect for you!, If you are looking for scripts primarily for Warzone We recommend:

- Spartan Aim
- Ghost Aim {ZEN}
- Warzone Bully V1 {CMP}

If you would rather scripts for Multiplayer We recommend:
AimHelper {CMP}
Lazer V2.0 {ZEN}

AimAbuse V2 {CMP}


Do the scripts work on Titan device?

Scripts made by us will not work on Titan 1 or 2.

How to stop screen shake? {AIM ABUSE V2}

AIM ABUSE v2 Line of code 114 & 115 Decrease AM & AP this will fix screen shake problems but will result in less aim assist, you should try a 9-9 in-game sensitivity with a 0.75 ads, this has worked extremely well for most of the community.

How to change the button layout?

After the script has been opened inside the compiler look for the section "Define" this is where you can change the default buttons to match your layout.

How does computer Vision work?

Spartan Aim & Executioner is capable of something called Computer Vision which allows you to take advantage of a nearby computer/Xbox/PS4/PS5 to see and react to things that are happening in your game via network streaming this Can be used to detect enemy movement and snap aim onto targets with the help of this script.

Rapid fire is slower then regular fire?

This decreases recoil and boosts damage for some reason, most weapons on modern warfare have the abilty to change the fire rate to one bullet per shot, use the rapid fire and make this adjustment.

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