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Sinister aimlock is a project created by NOTORIOUS & PRO USER VISION that will completely change the way you play competitive online shooter games, we are the leaders in console scripts and cheats and have been for some time,
This revolutionary cheat is the way forward for console players PS5 or XBOX to take advantage of cheating with cross-play disabled. cheating on console is not common nor is it easy our app changes that! 


This software modifies the CronusZen to use allow the injection of .dll files into the application and then from the Zen app to your console .
Python 3.9.0 to use image recognition then sends that data to the Cronus and pulls your analogue sticks toward enemy players.
We also added new Anti-recoil frameworks, updated the old AimAbuse used on other scripts & have made this script easy to use for anyone!

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[+] Aimlock Instantly snap onto your target and kill them. Notoriouscriptz Aimlock always uses Sinister bullet prediction, resulting in super accurate shots from anywhere on the map.

[+] Mod loader Introducing our new mod loader with constant updates when new recoil values have been discovered or aimlock tweaks have been changed due to a game update. You can now download updated scripts directly from the Sinister loader.

[+] Wall bang A beta where if you have a UAV active you will lock onto enemy's through walls, this is still in Beta and may not work 100% of the time.

[+] Modded Controller support If you have a NOTORIOUS ELITE MODDED controller you can enable this in the loader it will give you access to a wider verity of cheats and scripts.

[+] Sniper aimbot High accuracy mode just for sniper players, aimlock values change with different weapons this mode is for if you are going to be using a sniper [MW only] it will make you a highly accurate one shot sniper.

[+] Slide cancel Vanguard & MW slide cancel, also a Cold war version.

[+] Recoil slider Adjust your guns recoil with our new anti recoil framework.

[+] Auto ping Auto ping will ping enemys in your FOV allowing you to track players easy when playing in Caldera's bush areas.

[+] Spoof console HWID If your worried about getting banned on console (very unlikely) spoof your consoles MAC address only works on Playstation.

[+] Weekly updates We will be updating our script weekly so make sure to download the available version regularly.

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