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Notoriouscriptz First script made with Python has now been completely re-worked to be ran with AI, Scripts have changed over the past year, with many more things becoming possible to cheat on console, This script is the best possible option to cheat without having any knowledge of coding.
A user friendly application to load the script, and a new OLED Zen menu to control all aspects of your gameplay this script includes Aim Bone (head,arm,leg,chest,random) and what it will do is scan the screen looking for objects to move towards, You let the script do the work! It also has options like Slide cancel, Norecoil slider, Bunnyhop, Turbo melee, Auto ping, Head ping, and more!

Bravo six going dark.......
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Must download Python, Have a Zen or Titan2 to use this Cheat, tutorial included.

From 311 reviews



❌ Wall trace

❌ Enemy tracking

❌ AI Aimbot 

❌ Headshot prediction.

❌ Object detection open Cv.

❌ No Recoil

❌ Slide Cancel

❌ Dropshot

❌ Evil Aim

❌ Jitter Mod.

❌ Dropshot.

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