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🎮 Unleash the Beast Within! 🐾

Master the Art of Precision with Notoriouscriptz – Your Ultimate Companion for Unmatched Performance in AAA Shooter Titles. 🎯


In the rapidly evolving world of competitive gaming, staying ahead of the curve is no longer an option, it's a necessity. At Notoriouscriptz, we understand this need for innovation and precision. That's why since 2019, we've been providing top-tier computer vision scripts for Cronus Zen, designed to enhance your skills and transform you into a formidable player. 💪


Our aim? To help you dominate every game, every time. With our scripts, you're not just playing - you're outsmarting, outperforming, and outlasting the competition. So gear up, step into the arena, and let Notoriouscriptz take your gaming prowess to new heights. It's time to play like a pro, because victory waits for no one! 🏆


Experience the Notoriouscriptz difference today and join the ranks of gamers who refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary. 🚀

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Instant access

At Notoriouscriptz we have a fully automatic builds system. Our servers are running 24/7 to provide everyone a unique copy of software & instant downloads.

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All our products can be used across all platforms, all of the scripts require the CronusZen/Max to function.

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high quality

We spend countless hours ensuring our scripts are flawless, we are always striving to improve, you can guarantee the best value for your money at

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live support

Call us at +447507778578

use our live chat from the website or contact us on our Discord server.

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safe & secure

We guarantee all methods of payment are safe & secure, Stripe, PayPal & Crypto currency payments are all made through & our website

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fast updates

We have worked hard to make our software easily updatable, on every launch from our loader it checks for updates and downloads them automatically.



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