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Our MANIAC Computer-Vision software requires a CronusZen to send screen information to your PC, which uses an open source machine learning to analyse a screen region for valid targets. Once it finds a target, it sends back information through a pass-through input device to adjust the user’s aim and fire. These input systems make rapid and accurate adjustments as though the user had performed them. Our system does not change any game files, Which makes it the only undetectable cheat on the market any classic anti-cheat software will not detect this.


Our loader makes what is only possible on the Titan2 work on the latest version of  CronusZen studio 32bit . Patching the Zen_Studio_Latest to allow computer vision Python code to be added to our scripts. 
We use a Free source OpenCV for our Computer vision, this is only for scanning object's, We have coded our personal Aimbot for locking on to targets in all FPS games but primarily focused on MWII 2022


Cheat showcase:

Features of the cheat:

✔ Aimbot (Aim bone head/chest ect)
✔ Customizable FOV/aimbot speed
✔ Vision Python CV Installed
✔ Customizable Pitch speed

✔ Customizable Tracking speed
✔ Customizable hitbox AOE
✔ Customizable hitbox Size
✔ Random hitbox factor (ideal for legit hacking)
✔ Customizable vertical recoil control
✔ MWII / MW2019/ BOCW slide cancel
✔] All settings editable mid game
✔ Hardware ID locked
✔ Recoil slider (0%-100%)
✔ Unlimited HWID resets

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